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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Proposed Internship Role

I'm very excited to start my first week at Caboolture News. I'm hoping to have a lot of work thrust upon me due to the small nature of the organisation. I would love to get involved with some of the day to day necessities of local journalism. Council, police, traffic crashes and sport all appear to be key tenants of a local newspaper and I want to try my hand at all of them. Of course initially I'm sure I will be escorted by the working journalists there but I fervently hope I will be trusted to report on some of these issues on my own by the end of my time there. I'm also looking forward to learning about how journalism and photography can work together to bring a newspaper alive.
I've no idea what the first week will be like but I'm sure it will be a completely different experience from my previous time at both Channel TEN and QUT News. Caboolture News is obviously much much smaller than TEN and I'm sure I'll be working a lot less autonomously than I did at QUT News.
Most of all I'm just keen to see the day-to-day workings of a newspaper as compared to a radio station or a TV station. I'm sure the people I'll also learn a lot from both the people I meet in the office and out on the job.

Aims and Objectives
Aim: Gain more exposure for my work
Get something published in my first week
Earn a lead story on any page of the paper by the second week
Earn the back page for a sports story in my third week

Aim: Gain more experience in critical aspects of local journalism
Attend a council meeting or court hearing with a journalist in my first week
Call police for the description of a crime in my second week
Attend and report on a council meeting by myself in the final week

Aim: Learn more about how a local newspaper operates
Discuss what makes a compelling newspaper with the editor in the first week
Get similar feedback from journalists throughout the course of my internship
Sit in with an editor as the pages are put together in the final week

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