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Friday, 18 November 2011

Asian Adventures Day 2: The Baby Elephant Walk

Yes, I've got a satchel. Who cares. Look at the damn elephant.

So last night we bought some suits. A lot of suits. Four suits and eight pairs of pants between us to be precise (3 for me, 1 for Zac). That's a lot of suits by anyone's definition.

As a direct result of the evening's extravagance, we tried to be as stingy as possible today. Free entertainment was the name of the game and scooters were the obvious means of transport. $8/day isn't exactly free but I'm not complaining.

The original plan was to head to a massive statue of Buddha on top of a hill, about an hour away. Instead we decided to go to some waterfalls, about the same distance away but in the opposite direction. Finally, we made the wise decision to just wing it.

We ended up at a really nice beach which almost had waves. Looking up to the mountains, we saw the Buddha we'd earlier forsaken. We redoubled our efforts to see the large fat man up close but ended up a good 10 km's away at a ridiculously golden temple.

I apologise for how tediously written the last paragraph was, but I'm keen to stop writing and go out.

One last thing, on the way home we saw a baby elephant wandering along the side of the road with its keeper. We stopped, fed it, got some photos and rode off. No biggie. This is why I love Thailand.

FOOD UPDATE: Turns out cold Asian chicken is totally fine!

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